A Father’s Touch

A Father’s Touch (my father is 3rd from the front in this picture)

June09-3HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all of the wonderful fathers in the world!  So often we concentrate on the fathers who are deadbeats or those that have never been in the picture.  Instead, we should spend this weekend (and every other day on the calendar) praising the men who do their jobs to raise their children and other youth in our community.

Some people have memories of their fathers playing football with them in the yard.  Others may remember their father as the one who had the thickest belt and gave the worst spankings.  A couple of you may remember your father as the one who sat at the head of the table and made all of the decisions.

Think of one word to describe your father.  What comes to mind? Honest. Smart. Disciplinarian. Supportive.  Funny.  Lazy.  Incredible.  When I think of my father, the word that comes to mind is CREATIVE.  He was one of the most creative and talented people I knew.  The first place I was able to trace this back to  is his high school days.  I found his high school graduation program.  (one of the main reasons I still have it is because Muhammad Ali – then Cassius Clay- also graduated with my father and his name is listed in the program).  My father received a special award at the ceremony.  It wasn’t for sports.  It wasn’t for academics.  Of all things, it was for tailoring!  My father had a gift using his hands.

Once he went to college at Tuskegee he excelled in academics, was the editor of the yearbook and joined a fraternity -Alpha Phi Alpha.  (The picture above shows him and his fraternity brothers, yes the Alphas had canes, he’s third from the front).  This unique thing I learned about this photo is that my father actually sewed the tuxedo jackets that they are wearing in this photo.  You never know when your creative talents can help a wide variety of people.

 My father passed away over 15 years ago but I am proud that I see some of his creative talents in myself.   People may be physically gone from our lives, but we should find solace in the fact that not only do their memories live forever, but every once in awhile we are blessed to have pieces of the ones we love passed on to us so that we too may carry out their journey.

M.Y.  June 2009