You Are Not the Father

Although thus far I’ve been limited to two 20 minute wheelchair privileges a day, I was given an extended pass to be wheeled down into the basement for their 2 hour New Mothers class.  It was from 6:30-8:30pm and Milton attended with me.  It was the last session in their six week series and we didn’t know what they would be discussing.  As we wheeled our way down to room with able-bodied pregnant women, we were handed a baby doll (that looked nothing like us).  1) It was a baby girl 2) She had blue eyes 3) she had blonde hair.  Milton obviously is not the father, and either am I.

Topic of the day: Infant Massage.  Yes you read that correctly, we learned different techniques on how to massage our bundle of boy.  We learned the heart technique along with milk the cow and the airplane.  We can even help the baby get rid of gas.  I would have much rather learned how to change a diaper, suggestions for breastfeeding etc… but Milton and I left with a certificate of completion in Infant Massage.


Coolest Easter Ever!!!

I was chilin’ in my bed (surprise, surprise) and a guy walked in with a Staples box.  I know I didn’t order any office supplies.  I saw the return label was from my cousin Lyn.  HOORAY!  I didn’t know what was in the box, but decided to wait until Milton came here until I opened it.

Later that night, Milton pulled out the box and said, “You’re gonna love this!”  Out of the box came a monkey Easter Basket with some bath products and jelly beans.  If you know me, you know I love monkeys.  My smile was so wide!  All of my family lives outside of Louisville (and outside of KY)  so I loved knowing that they were still thinking of me from afar.  Thank you so much Lyn, Rene, Myke and Aunt Juanita!

Little did they know, but in my youth and even as an adult, my mother usually made me an Easter basket. Both of my parents are deceased and won’t be here for Baby Turner’s birth, so this monkey Easter basket is a way to have a little piece of my mother in the room!

Also, I have a great smelling room!  Vicky Spencer brought some lillies, Matrid left some beautiful orange flowers, Ms. Helfrich gave me some pink tulips and I received the alter flowers from church.  I definitely feel loved and that warms my heart!