Facebook Prayer


 Facebook Prayer

Many of us have this addiction to Facebook and we use it for various things.  If we’re are curious about someone, need a good laugh or are trying to catch someone in a lie – it can all be found on Facebook.

Recently, though, I was part of Facebook being used for something else.  A man.  His name is Anthony Payton.  He played football the years I cheered for the Louisville Fire.  He had an amazing voice and I remember singing to his CD whenever I needed entertainment in my car.  Awesome talent.  Great guy.  Funny personality.

Then there was a post on his Facebook page on August 22: “Anthony was in a serious motorcycle accident this afternoon. He broke both femurs so he has to have surgery tomorrow. They just put pins in to start traction. His arms are REALLY cut up! He’s in bad shape, but stable. He went through the windshield. We need many prayers!!! He’s a trooper! Thank you!!”

And the prayers started.  The next day we heard: “Anthony just got out of surgery and is in recovery. They said the surgery went well! PTL!! If all goes well, he may get one of the rods put in around Thursday. Thanks so much for all of your thoughts and prayers! We greatly appreciate them all!! Please keep ’em coming;-) ♥”

And the prayers kept coming, because the following day we read: “PLEASE pray for Anthony! After surgery last night, he had trouble coming out of the anesthesia. He hasn’t really been responsive. They moved him 2 ICU & put him on a vent 2 help him breathe easier. He is in CT right now 2 find out why he’s having trouble breathing & why he’s not really waking up. I am so scared & need prayers pouring in! I need my husband to be ok. Please pray for him 2 be strong!! I know that he still has such a huge purpose & need him here! Thank you so much!! Love you all!”

It just breaks your heart.  Person after person after person sent out their prayers asking AP to wake up.  Biblical versus were typed.  People posted their favorite songs he performed.  And then this Tuesday there was hope:

“I am cautiously excited about Anthony’s progress today!! He waved, gave thumbs up, and shook his head several times!! He has seemed much more alert! Praying he can continue to move in this wonderful direction!! We have cried with joy today and it’s a wonderful feeling! I’m SO ready to have my husband back!! Please keep the prayers coming!!! We are so thankful to have so many people keeping Anthony and our family in their thoughts and prayers!! It’s means the world to me! Love you all!”

And last night this: “Praise Jesus in the heavens above!!! Anthony Eugene Payton just came off the ventilator!!! Hallelujah!! Miracles are happenin’ ’round here!!! Please continue to send up prayers for his continued recovery! Thank you! Love you all!!”

I learned that Facebook is not the root of all evil and can sometimes be the presence of genuine prayer.  Anthony still has a long battle ahead but it’s great to see that improvements are being made.  Motorcycles – I don’t like them.  Motorcyles – we don’t need them.  Motorcycles – quit taking all of our Black men away.

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