Military Wife


Military Wife

Over the weekend I went to visit Milton for Spouses Weekend.  I assumed it would be the weekend we would learn to be a “good little military wife”.  I was excited to meet the other JAG wives and Milton’s classmates.

Usually when I tell people Milton is gone for several months, they feel sorry for him.  Sorry my behind, this brother man has it made.  I walk into his hotel room where he is staying (yes I said hotel room) and see the full size refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and stove top. There’s a separate bedroom from the living room.  Milton lets me know that the housekeepers wash the dishes each day and make the bed.  He’s equally proud that there is a free hot breakfast downstairs each morning.

As exciting as this sounds, this is NOT good for a newlywed.  See, the House of Turner that will be waiting in Louisville upon his return will NOT have any of those luxuries.  So don’t get used to it buddy!  Maid Michelle is a thing of the past.  Split Up The Chores Wife is here to stay.  Luckily, he is going to Fort Benning, GA for six weeks right before he comes home and the living situation will be anything buy ideal.  I joke with Milton and call it his “deprogramming”.

Back to the weekend.  There was a Blues Reception where we met the new General.  They were given strict rules, women stand on a particular side, you say this but not that, when in the hall no talking/not even a cough, no gum, shake everyone’s hand but the first person and don’t leave the reception until the General leaves.

Once we got through the receiving line, it was much more laid back and everyone was pretty cool.  Military wives were pretty much told that we don’t belong to the Army so we can do whatever the heck we want.  Milton is doing his dream job and is loving every minute of it.  The 4:30am alarm for early morning PT, the legal training and cases they study, the free health care – he loves it all.  It’s great to hear him call me and excitedly say, “I can’t believe they pay me to do this!”  That’s when you know you’re in the right place.

As you re-evaluate your life, think about what type of job would make you say the same.  “I can’t believe they pay me to do this!” There’s no time like today to follow your passion and seek out a career that makes you excited to go to work.  Even if you can’t do it as a career, why not add whatever it is to a part of your life.  Happiness doesn’t always find you, sometimes you have to make it happen. As much as you like to live life for others, sometimes you have to live a little for yourself.  Sometimes the smallest joys are the best joys – now it’s time to create them!

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