One Year Later

One Year Later

Feb 11-3This Valentine’s Day I will celebrate my one year anniversary with Milton.  It’s hard to believe all that we have been through over this past year and our wedding will be just around the corner.  We have grown not only as a couple but also as friends.

But, I almost didn’t give Milton a chance.  Milton and I met on  Yes, online dating is alive, well and successful.  He sent me a “wink”.  I glanced at his profile, saw his age and didn’t pay must attention to the rest of his profile.  Milton is seven years younger than me and the last thing I wanted to do was play games or get free community service by hanging out with a young stud. He received no response.

About two weeks later I was looking through my emails and came across his profile.  I had time on my hands to waste, so I took some time and read his entire profile.  He sounded as if he had some potential so I “winked” back.  This started several emails between us and then a planned phone conversation.  What I thought would be a 30 minute conversation, ended up ending at 3:30 in the morning!  From there I knew he was someone I needed and wanted to meet.

That simple wink created a special bond, relationship and engagement.  And I almost passed up the opportunity.  I almost let a good thing get away simply because of vain standards I possessed.  Whether it’s a potential date, potential job or general opportunity – don’t turn your nose up just because it goes against your norm or preference.  Don’t be afraid to think and look outside the box.  They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same results.  Give ‘different’ a chance because it may be the change you need.

Love exists in many shapes and fashion.  To Milton – thank you for being my other half, strengths in times of need and #1 fan in times of joy. You make me a better person and I hope to be a great wife.  To OnyxLouisville readers – I love you for making Louisville a successful community that embraces ideas both big and small.  We are a valuable community and I thank you for letting me be a small part of it.

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