Remember Louisville When?

Remember Louisville when?……

Oct09-6* Sundays at Shawnee Park was to be the place to be (the last thing you thought about was being shot, you were just worried about how cute you looked!)

* Grippos and Big Red
*You shopped at either Bashford Manor Mall or The Galleria
* Your parents took you ice skating on the Belvedere

*Screaming Eagles

* You got excited about Fridays in elementary school because that’s when they served the hexagon shaped Mexican pizza

*Robben’s Roost (you know you could move back then!)
* Someone asks about what school you went to, they really only care about what high school you attended

*Masonic Temple

*You only went to Indy’s or the White Castles on Broadway between 1 and 3am.

* Dee’s

*You traveled to a different state and people say they didn’t know black people lived in KY

*Some of your co-workers were scared to drive west of 9th street (some still are!)

*Velvet Rose

The number one way to know someone is from Louisville
– they get offended if someone calls their city ‘Louis-ville’ or ‘Louie-ville’.   We represent “Lou-a-vul” baby!

M.Y.  October 2009

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