Makers Love?

Maker’s Love?

Nov09-1I had to interrupt my scheduled article in order to get some discussion going.

The Courier-Journal posted an article recently about a discrimination suit against Maker’s Mark by one of its employees that says she was told to discriminate against African American patrons and “keep out the darker element”.   I first read it online Friday night and was interested to see it in print the next day.

Bright and early Saturday I opened my CJ.  I looked for it in the front section – not there.  Headed to the Metro section – not there either.  At first I thought maybe it was all a dream.  It wasn’t until I was in the Business section that I located the article.  It wasn’t a headline for that section, if you weren’t searching for it, you may not have found it.

I’m interested to hear people’s opinion.  I will admit I am not one to frequent 4th Street Live.  Part of the reason is the way I have personally seen some of my friends treated.  Another reason is due to the conversations I’ve had with various promoters that have tried to take their urban professional parties there only to be turned down.  (Some businesses actually preferred to go out of business instead of giving our crowd a chance).

I do know that Maker’s has allowed a couple (1, 2 or possibly 3 maybe) groups to have their parties there.  However, I’m pretty sure that none of them were able to charge a fee at the door.  So, they were excited to take our money for alcohol but wouldn’t compensate the promoters that brought patrons to the venue.

I will also admit that Maker’s and many of the places at 4th Street Live are impressive.  I have had some great experiences while there. The location is great, the décor is great, and the food and drinks are decent.  So why is it that discrimination is always been associated with the location?  The fact that a worker is now stating that she was told to do this, seems to take the situation to a whole new level.
I can only imagine what Louis Coleman is up there thinking!

M.Y.  November 2009

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