Objects in Mirror

Have you ever seen a product on tv that you knew you just couldn’t live without?  Like the fitness equipment that has everyone losing 80 pounds in 5 hours.  They all look so happy and the before and after pictures are amazing.  Then you receive your product and it’s a cheap piece of plastic.  When you get on it, you don’t have the same fun they do, you lose only half a pound and in the end it collects dust in the corner of your room.

Or what about the product online that is guarantee to give you a bigger booty (yes, it’s a real website).  They show these women with plumb glutes.  The before and after pictures are very convincing as you see a sista go from flatback to thick thighs.  When the pills arrive in the mail, you’re disappointed to see that is just a bottle of Vitamin E with a fancy label.

Men, there’s something for you too.  We hear all the commercials.  We receive plenty of the spam email.  There is a cure to make you a better lover in bed.  You can be a black stallion and get your groove on all night long (and probably into the next morning).  The men that try it usually say either the still lack bedroom skills or even worse, ‘it’ doesn’t go down.  Their partners feel the money could have been better used on shopping.

Oct09-2-169x300It’s also interesting to me that every product seems to be the low price of $19.99.  Does that one cent really make a difference?  We are so drawn in to temptation and the appeal of it all without taking time to do our research.  If we were just a little more patient, the truth will reveal it all.  This is also true with dating.  How often have we dated someone to originally meet their ‘representative’ and then two months later find out who they really are?

Time tells all.  I have had the same experience when meeting some people for the first time.  If they’ve seen my competition pictures, they assume I am a massive bodybuilder with thick shoulders and muscles peeking out of every crease of my clothes.  Then mini-me shows up and they are rather surprised.  I am not bodybuilder.  I just workout. The person in the photo with me, Iris Kyle, is the 6 time Ms. Olympia bodybuilding.   I don’t think she has to worry about me ever competing for her title.  Objects in my personal mirror are definitely larger than they appear!

M.Y.  October 2009

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