You Might Be A Louisvillian If

You Might Be a Louisvillian If……

Oct09-5*You grew up thinking that Derby Friday was a national holiday since you didn’t go to school
*You still take off work every Derby Friday
*You think the rest of the world cares about Derby weekend
*You pull out your high school yearbook and see that many males (and females) have gold teeth
*You still say “Showcase Cinemas on Bardstown Rd” when giving directions
*You were bused to school based on the first letter of your last name
*Hearing that simple beat of ‘Gangsta Walk’ makes you stroll around the room regardless of where you are
*Caddy’s (just hearing that word brings a smile to your face)
*You can name several US Presidents, but can only name one of your city’s mayors.
*You think Louisville really is the only city in the state of KY
*You still talk about the UL basketball championships of ’80 and ’86 as if they happened just yesterday

*You only go out once a year but still end up seeing all of the same people

Part II next week…..

M.Y. October 2009

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