Where Everybody Knows Your Name

“Where Everybody Knows Your Name”

Oct09-4Although Louisville might be the 16th largest city in the United States, we really are a pretty small place.  It seems like no matter where I go I am running into people from my past, present and possibly future!

While sitting in the lobby waiting for a meeting to start I saw a familiar face.  It’s Coach Stewart, my high school athletic director.  He always had a jolly smile and the glow surrounding him still existed.  He talked about being newly retired and we went our separate ways.  While walking to the actual meeting location I passed Dr. Greer.  She is the wife of my high school track coach.  All of my memories of Waggener High School started re-emerging.  (The things you get away with in high school – wow!)

But it didn’t stop there.  The next day my co-workers and I all went to eat lunch at Cheesecake Factory.  One of them shared that his son surprisingly got married.  He said the girl was really nice and showed us a photo of the teenage girl.  I asked her name and said that I knew her.  He didn’t believe me until I gave him the name of her mother and sister.  She was a student at my elementary school when I first started teaching. (That made me feel a little old!)

Friday night, the Goodtimers had a party at Artemesia’s.  The owner told one of the promoters he knew me although I had no idea who the owner was.  I went to the party just to see who he was.   I quickly realized he was someone that I grew up with in church. (Those were my innocent days, although I am still innocent now. LOL!)

I think this was the never ending week of seeing people you know in completely different settings.  I also went to Spalding University to talk to some education students only to walk past one of the guys I see in the gym every day. At Noe Middle School a lady was picking up her granddaughter. She turned around and ended up being a lady that used to babysit me.  Then today, I went to Video Bred for a meeting only to be greeted by Natalie, someone I’ve known for over a decade.

It’s often a great experience to know that you have so many friends and connections in the area.  But at the same time – all eyes on are you!  Not too long ago there was this rumor going around that I had a “for sale” sign up for my house, was engaged and in route to Houston.  The rumor wasn’t spread my people my age, it was by people my mother’s age.  I thought it was interesting that not one of these women took the time to call and see if the rumor was true.  I guess I should have let it continue just to see what type of wedding presents I would receive.  Instead, I put the rumor to rest.  Boyfriend – yes.  Engaged and moving – no.

However, I am taking a trip to Houston this weekend – maybe I’ll just cancel my return flight and be a new face of Houston.  Naw, I’m definitely not ready for that just yet.  There are still a lot of things in this city that I’m really excited about and many people that I am still anxious to know!

M.Y.  October 2009

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