Hair Update

“Hair Update”

For those of you new to OnyxLouisville, I cut my hair in May of last year.  Pretty much all of my life my hair was long.  My goal was to have “bra strap” hair (hair that touched my bra strap), but once it became close to that length, I realized how difficult it can be.  Working out was hard because I hated the feel my hair on my neck.  I was constantly pulling the hair out of the back of my shirt.  Of course it had its privileges like being able to pull it back into a ponytail on a bad hair day.  There were also a lot more options when it came to styles.

April 2008

But I took the hair plunge and chop, chop, chopped it off. Some said “why!”  Others said “wow!”  Some just said “hmmmm”.  But I liked it.  I cut it because 1) it’s just hair and 2) I had a hair theory.  My theory is that everyone’s hair is supposed to be a certain length.  Some people will always have short hair.  You know short to the extent that if they tried to pull it back in a ponytail it looks like a little sprout.  Others are meant to have long hair.  They are the ones that will cut their hair 8 inches on a Wednesday afternoon and by Thursday morning it’s already grown back.  I thought I was somewhere in the middle.

June 2008

So, it’s been half a year and my hair has started to grow back.  It’s about halfway (I think) from where I started.  I want to try to continue to grow it out for a full year.  When my birthday comes on May 26, I’ll decide if I prefer the long or short look.

This is what we need to realize: if you’re thinking about making change in your life – go for it!  Don’t let others talk you out of it because you know yourself better than anybody.  If you want to decorate your room a different way – do it!  If it’s time to start looking for a new job – make it work (just don’t quit your day job in advance).  If you want to get a tattoo that says “OnyxLouisville” across your back – represent…  yeah, no… don’t do that one! Challenge yourself to step out of the box.  Make new friends. But honestly, leave the hate in 08 and shine in 09.  You can’t succeed if you don’t try and you never know the outcome that could happen!

M.Y.  January 2009

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