Make 2009 Your Best Year Yet

“Make 2009 Your Best Year Yet!”

Jan09-1I started 2008 with the feeling that it was going to be a great year. Several goals were set and I sought out to achieve them.  The main one was the figure/fitness competitions.  I did not first start training until the end of January last year.  I dedicated my time, stayed focused and now have a mantle full of trophies from seven different competitions.  It wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t ventured to try something new.

Although I didn’t travel as much as I’d prefer internationally, I was able to go to Washington DC, Cleveland, Charleston, Fayetteville, San Diego, Chapel Hill, Myrtle Beach and Baltimore.  I took my first hot air balloon ride here in Louisville.  It was an amazing, yet at times scary ride.   Both Louisville and Southern IN both look extremely different when you are floating across.  My vote was cast for the first Black president.  Barack the Ville, baby!

It was a blessing to see two of my closest friends give birth to adorable baby boys.  OnyxLouisville grew by leaps and bounds.  I received several honors for my dedication for the community and continued to keep the vision from my parents alive. New friends were made like Alexis Mack who showed me how two people can look to each other for strength in different ways.  Although she may see strength in me, I see so much more strength in her as I watch her raise her children while setting a remarkable example.

I experienced passion and pain, laughed until I cried and cried until I laughed.  I received flowers just because.  Gentlemen showed me that you can still be courted and I was able to realize that often times it is best to “just be friends”. There was the discovery for my love of taking photographs. Comedy shows, performances, sporting events and parties were all places where I could be found.  I even walked the cat walk twice in fashion shows and graced the pages of several local publications.

Somewhere between all of those things I enjoyed sleeping, watching Grey’s Anatomy, dancing to my favorite music in my living room, pigging out right after a competition, googling any and everything, catching up with lost friends while saying goodbye at the funeral of others, expanding my dress closet, and taking time to pray at the end of each day for all the blessings that occurred.

If 2008 was a struggle for you, make this your year of change.  Think about the things you’d like to accomplish and don’t let anyone hold you back.  Make 09 your time to shine!

My jingle for the year will be – ”This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine (in 09).  This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine (in 09).  This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine! In 09, let it shine, in 09!!

M.Y.  January 2009

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