We All Matter

“We All Matter”

June08-4I went to San Diego for a conference recently and our hotel was located right on a marina.  It was amazing to look out of my hotel room window and see the sun rise each morning above all of the boats.  One afternoon I decided to rent a kayak to explore all that the marina had to offer.

I thought I’d be able to take my camera with me until the dude advised me not to take it in case I flipped over.  Huh?  Flip over?  That sounds a little scary.  He said there was only a ten percent chance that would happen.  So, I put on my life vest and went on my way.

It was a pretty relaxing experience to be in this body of water surrounded by all types of things.  I first encountered a barge.  Chillin’ on the barge sat a large number of seagulls.  Next to them were sea lions that made enough noise to let everyone know they were in charge.  It was cool to kayak right next to them and just stare in amazement.

I then moved on out further into the marina and passed various boats, yachts and tour boats.  I laughed at the various names “Only Child”, “Hidden Pleasure”, “In Charge”.  Some were stationed in place, while others were floating around.

The wonderful thing I encountered was that although I was just this little person in this little kayak, I gained the same amount of respect as the larger yachts.  We all had to share the same space.  Even as I again paddled close to the barge, some of the sea lions jumped in the water in front of me.  At first I thought they’d confuse my black skin as being one of them.  However, they just swam in the water minding their own business.  It was all about co-existing together.

The entire experience reminded me that this was a reflection of life.  So many of us feel like the little people in the world. But what we fail to realize is that our contributions are still important.  When the tour boats went past me, people waved at me because they were excited to see me in the water.  The sea lion didn’t care who was around because he was going to enjoy life regardless.  We are all pieces of the puzzle.  If your piece isn’t included, the puzzle is not complete!
M.Y.  June 2008

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