Internal Alarm Clock

“Internal Alarm Clock”

June08-3I used to wake up at 6:40 every morning for work.  The alarm clock would go off and country music would play in the background.  I used to try to wake up to B96, but it sometimes didn’t get good reception so the country channel was the first that came in crystal clear! As soon as the alarm went off, I pressed the snooze button.  Ahh, another 8 minutes of sleep!  I continued to press the snooze button every 8 minutes until it was close to 7:30am and then I would get up and get ready for work.

Over my winter break,  I didn’t need an alarm because I was on vacation and on my own time.  I realized that I still woke up pretty early in the morning.  I thought about my weekends also and realized that I get up pretty early on the weekends.  So I stopped using my alarm clock beginning January 1, 2008.

Without the alarm, I woke up each morning sometime between 7:24 and 7:39.  My sleep did not discriminate against the weekends.  If I went out and did not get to bed until 3:00am, my body still woke up only a couple of hours later.  (not cute, but true).  Sometimes I could fall back asleep, and other times I just laid in bed watching tv.

Life was all good with my internal alarm clock – until Daylight Savings Time hit!  At first I set my alarm again because I wasn’t sure how my body would react.  Well, my body decided not to participate in the time change so now I wake up at 6:30ish every morning.  I feels wonderful to wake up peacefully and on my own accord.  It’s nice to take my time getting ready for work.  It sometimes sucks on the weekends, but I find hope in the joys of a mid-day nap.

Footnote:  I am just telling you this as an FYI.  Please do not try this tonight right before your big presentation at work tomorrow.  When your husband tells you to wake him  up at 8:00pm so he can watch the NBA finals do NOT tell him Michelle told you to use your internal clock and you realized yours didn’t work.  I believe if you have one – great, if not be blessed that God created alarms.  Sleep on!

M.Y.  June 2008

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