My Dad Loved Me

“My Dad Loved Me!”

June08-2About two years ago I moved back into my childhood home.  I have so many great memories that existed there and it’s interesting to transition from being the child in the house to now having full ownership and paying all the bills.
My house is in a great neighborhood with a backyard that is connected to a golf course.  It’s peaceful to sit outside on a cool day (haven’t had those recently) and enjoy all that nature had to offer.  But, my backyard also has something very unique.  A homemade balance beam!  Starting at the age of six, I was a very competitive gymnast.  I’d go to practice four days a week and could tumble without thought.  My father was always very crafty, and during elementary school, he built me my own wooden balance beam so that I could practice at home.  It was the exact length and width (4 inches) as the real thing.
Recently I went outside and walked right next to the beam.  I thought about the serious thought my father had to put into creating this masterpiece.  He had to carefully measure each piece of wood.  He also had to create something study enough so that it would stay in the ground.  It had to be able to outlast wind, rain, snow, hail and just my general body weight.  It had to be perfect.   Over 25 years later, it’s still perfect.
Growing up I probably took for granted the beam. Although I appreciated it, I never really contemplated the dedication and love my father had for me to even consider creating something like that.  I was my father’s baby girl, his only child, his pride and joy.  Still seeing the beam today lets me know that he wanted to do whatever he could to bring me happiness.  My father passed away in 1993.  Who would have known that  almost 15 years later an object made of wood would bring back the feelings and strong emotions of unconditional love and gratitude!!
Happy Father’s Day

M.Y.  June 2008

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