Monkey Kids

‘Monkey Kids’

I will be the first to admit that I am fascinated with monkeys.  I think they are some of the greatest creatures ever created!  Their human-like characteristics are amazing and they are just a joy to watch in general. How can you not love a chimp?

I was watching television this week and there is a new fad going on in the US.  People that are unable to have children and even empty nesters are starting to adopt surrogate kids.  These aren’t just any kids.  These kids are actual monkeys.  One lady showed her monkey in her jean skirt and took her to the park to swing with the other kids in the neighborhood.  Others created monkey nurseries by painting the walls so the monkey would feel ‘at home’.

While watching the previews I thoughts I’d support people having monkeys.  Heck, I always wanted Michael Jackson to give me Bubbles as a birthday present.  But, the more I watched the show, the more I realized this was going a little too far.  These people did not purchase a monkey to raise as a pet.  They weren’t training them or creating an outdoor habitat.  No, these people really thought these ‘mon-kids’ were real.  They wanted the monkeys to take the place of children that no longer, or couldn’t, existed in their house.

Some owners realized over time that the home was not the best place for a monkey and they returned the monkeys to a monkey habitat.  They realized that although they were filling their own personal need for attachment, it was hurting the monkey in return.  How often do we do things to fill our needs without really thinking about how it can effect others around?  I know I’m guilty!  And while I can’t go back and change some of my situations from the past, moving forward I can take the time to look at both sides of the situation before making my decisions.

M.Y.  July 2008

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