While driving to work last week I was mesmerized by the balloons in the sky.  There were a plethora of them and I admired the uniqueness.  Although they were very diverse, they were also very similar. I began to look more closely at their detail.

I started thinking about my life and the lives of other people in general.  We all have different experiences and I truly believe that we were each given our individual experiences for a reason.  In my mid to late 20s I saw several folks getting engaged, married or having kids.  I would wonder “why not me?”  As time went by, though, I realized why it wasn’t my time then.  My mother became sick, and, as her only child, I was able to fully commit to caring and being there for her in any way possible.  I feel my purpose during that time was to be focused on her and she and I developed a much stronger relationship during that time.  I’ve also had some great opportunities that I have been able to fulfill because of my current situation.

I also realize that nobody has a perfect life.  We often envy those that have things we don’t have, yet we rarely stop to think about some of the difficulties and pains that come with that life.  Whether it’s finances, physical attributes, marital status, kids, educational attainment or careers, we need to praise each other for the things we each have accomplished.  My friends (who really won’t be old and wrinkled at the age of 80) and I talk all the times about our lives.  Although similar in age, our paths have been completely different.  When I go to sleep each night I pray for both my successes and limitations.  I also do the same for my family, friends and even those I don’t know.  I end with an inspirational piece entitled “The Cross Room”.

The Cross Room

The young man was at the end of his rope.  Seeing no way out, he dropped to his knees in prayer.  “Lord, I can’t go on, he said.  “I have too heavy a cross to bear.”  The Lord replied, “My son, if you can’t bear its weight, just place your cross inside this room.  Then open the other door, and pick out any cross you wish.”

The man was filled with relief.  “Thank you, Lord,” he sighed, and he did as he was told.  Upon entering the other door, he saw many crosses, some so large the tops were not visible.  Then, he spotted a tiny cross leaning again a far wall.  “I’d like that one, Lord,” he whispered.  And the Lord replied, “My son, that is the cross you just brought in.”

M.Y. October 2007

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