It’s a Small World

“My Vacation – It’s A Small World After All”

I just returned from a short vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  I had a timeshare that I either had to use or lose, so for the first time in my life I went solo on a trip.  I HAD A BLAST!  I learned so many things about myself and others.  People at first were surprised that I was there alone, but after a short time they realized some of the benefits and were quick to ask me to join their group.  I can’t write everything this week, so it will be spread out.

The first thing I learned is that it’s a small world.  I was walking on the beach and came across a baby sea turtle.  He was crawling at fast as he could to make it back to the ocean.  I took a picture and then tried to hold him in my hand to assist his journey.  He, however, felt threatened and each time he was in my hand, he would quickly jump out.  A couple approached me and was curious as to what I’d found.  They asked where I was from and I proudly said, “Louisville, KY!”  Their face lit up as they said, “No way, we’re from Louisville also!”  They talked about their daughter that attended Manual and how they had just moved to another part of Mexico for a job transfer.  We laughed about the UL/UConn football game that had been on tv the night before (in Spanish, of course!)

We continued to run each other throughout my stay.  They arrived at the airport right before I left to go home.  The wife and I talked in depth and we gave each other a strong hug before I boarded my plane.  We probably never would have crossed paths here in Louisville, but started the beginning of a wonderful friendship miles away!

M.Y.  October 2007

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