Derby Weekend 2007

“Derby Weekend”

To whom it may concern:

For those of you that saw us out on Thursday night, I hope we didn’t offend you.  It was a cold winter, we’ve been at the gym and we have been waiting to get out and be seen.


Michelle’s legs

Derby weekend was very enjoyable.  My dates for the weekend were my closest friends: Renee, Shannon and Tioka!  We went to Ernesto’s on Thursday, the Playboy Party and Kye’s on Friday, and the Grand Gala and Griffs on Saturday.  Don’t worry, though, I went to church bright and early on Sunday morning and then came home and crashed!!!  Thank you also to my pal Zach who is always willing to ‘bust a move with me’ on the dance floor when a good song comes on and to Doug Bibby, Elliott Horne and Gip Palm for all the ticket giveaways for the Onyx Louisville readers.

M.Y.  May 2007

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