I have never been an animal lover or hater.  I’ve been animal neutral.  One morning I looked out my bathroom window and saw two rabbits in the backyard.  One was close to the house and the other was clear across the yard close to the fence.  Although they were far in distance, they were facing each other.  Each morning for almost a week I would look out the window and there they both stood in the same position…. and then they were gone.  I kinda missed those bunnies.

Well several days passed and I was downstairs looking outside.  One of the bunnies was back in the normal position.  But what was even more amazing was the new baby bunny that hopped across the yard.  I smiled with joy as I watched this beautiful creature cross just a foot in front of me. It made me better appreciate nature, the gift of life and finding peace in simple things.

(As a tribute to the two rabbits, I’ve included this photo from the Playboy party (lol). The colors are inverted – the couch was really white and my dress mainly black) …

M.Y.  May 2007

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