Whole Foods Drama

Whole Foods Drama

July10-3I had just left Whole Foods with a bag full of tilapia, chicken and asparagus.  I am a regular there.  At least twice a week my face graces their aisles.  While competing, I frequent the seafood and chicken section.  When not competing, I love their turkey meatloaf, salmons burgers and health(ier) desserts.

This was a typical visit for me.   I had a friendly conversation with workers, walked through the Prepared Foods section, just to intake the smell of what they were cooking, and then checked out in the Express Lane.  I walked out of the store to the bright sun.

And then a police car pulled up in front of me.  I didn’t think I had any unpaid speeding tickets.  I don’t owe anybody child support.  I decided to mind my own business and kept moving.  I looked to my left and noticed another police car.  This was all pretty odd for St. Matthews.  I saw a man in a striped shirt talking on a cell phone standing directly to my right.  As I kept walking, the police officer walked up to the guy, and he took off running full speed.

By now, I’m halfway from the store and the location of my car in the parking lot.  The guy runs right past me as the police try to catch him.  But he was too fast.  Several other men in the parking lot start trying to chase him as well.  Although my track skills are pretty impressive, I knew I wasn’t about to test them out on Joe Blow whom I don’t know.

But I had a dilemma.  I didn’t know how this situation was going to turn out.  I didn’t know if the guy had a weapon.  Should I keep moving and run to my car or should I run back into the store?   When you’re in a situation like that, you really don’t’ have time to rationalize each option – you just act.  I stooped down and ran to my car.  In the process I saw an elderly lady with her grocery cart and I pointed at the chaos and suggested she take cover.

I knew the situation was under control when I looked (from my rearview mirror) toward the Whole Foods and groups of people were standing outside watching the drama.  Obviously the threat was at a minimum.  As I drove off, I found they finally caught the guy close to the Taco Bell.  I have no idea why the police approached him and had no interest in staying around to discover why.   I went to Whole Foods for tilapia, but left with an increased heart rate and the knowledge that although the po-po may be slow, they will track you down!

M.Y. July 2010