Naturally Threatening


Naturally Threatening

I must come across as someone to be feared.  Or maybe my massive size intimidates people.  Maybe, just maybe, my smile exudes something that makes people want to walk on the other side of the street. I’m not sure what exactly it is, but I was recently viewed as a national threat.

And of all the places it happened – I was in Las Vegas. Yes, the home of crazy people who go to blend in with other crazy people.  Yes, the birthplace of drive-through marriages and unlimited booze and gambling.  Of all the people that look suspicious, little ole me (sober and pregnant) gets picked out.

Now, I didn’t get noticed until we were leaving Vegas. As a matter of fact, we were at the airport getting ready to fly home.  Although every line was packed, Milton and I were in the line that had the state of the art security machine.  Not the one that looks like a bridge and you just walk under it. No, this was the one that is a circular device where you put your feet on the mat, hold you hands high and then the machine moves around your body taking an image to make sure you aren’t concealing anything.

Minus the fact that they probably now knew the sex of our unborn child, I passed with flying colors and was shuffled on through.  Or so I thought!  As soon as I stepped out, the TSA agent standing there said, “M’am I love your natural hair, but I’m going to have to pat it down.”  Now, of course I’m sitting here wondering what in the world could I be hiding in my hair that wasn’t visible on the security image.  My natural hair is not that long and I doubt I could smuggle any drugs in it. So I asked the lady (who was of a non-white decent) why she had to do it.  In a very apologetic voice she said, “I’m so sorry, my sister has hair just like yours and I love her hairstyle.  But I’m required to do this for my job.”

I knew the charge came down from powers much higher than her so I let it go.  All she did was place her gloved hand on top of my hand and press down once.  And I was on my way.  As we arrived at our gate, I reflected on the situation. Was I offended by what happened?  Yes, to an extent. Do I think it’s discriminatory. Yes, to an extent.  Do I blame the woman that did it?  No.  I just find it interesting that the bump on my stomach is way larger than the puff on my head, but not one person stopped to pat down my stomach.  It’s sad that we still live in a culture where certain ethnicities have certain stereotypes attached.  I understand protecting our country….. but when is the last time an African-American woman was on the news for terroristic threats?!

What Happens in Vegas (22 weeks)

 MYT is Me!  

  What Happens in Vegas….

Milton are are taking full advantage of ‘babymoons’ over the next couple of months before our freedom to get up and go disappears.  This past weekend we headed to Las Vegas (or as the they call it Lost Wages).

Usually it doesn’t take me long to pack, but packing was no longer fun or exciting.  Everything I wanted to take on the trip didn’t fit.  How do I know it didn’t fit? I tried on each article of clothing.  One after another I’d put it on, look in the mirror and hang it back up.  An hour later I finally found a couple of items that would do and boy was I tired from the process.

The trip started bright and early the next morning with a four hour flight.  I assumed flying would go well as usual.  The takeoff was fine,  but once we were in the air and hit some turbulence, the drama started.  I started to feel light headed.  Then I started to feel nauseated.  Then I really felt nauseated.  I reached and looked for the puke bag. There it was.  I held it close.  I started to sweat.  I opened the bag.  I closed my eyes. I brought the bag closer to my mouth and just knew a spew was on it’s way out.  Milton was worried hoping I would be okay. Right when I felt it at the top of my chest, it changed it’s mind and the most refreshing belch came out.  It was the sound and feeling of freedom.  Free at last!

Vegas was still Vegas.  Bright lights, people everywhere.  Casinos and hotels everywhere.  It was Milton’s first time there so we rented a car and went in and out of as many hotels as possible.  Either I’m old, pregnant or both because my feet became SO tired that by the end of the day my toes were no longer speaking to me, especially on the days we got dressed up to eat at nice restaurants.

But it was all worth it for the great food and shows we attended. Of all that we did, though, our highlight of the trip happened in the car.  We were headed to a show at the Bellagio, I was sitting in the passenger’s seat and felt a baby kick in my stomach.  The top right hand side.  I asked Milton for his hand and put it on the spot.  Kick.  It happened again and this time MIlton felt it.  We were both smiling real big while still looking at my stomach and then kick – you could see the kick through my dress. It’s a moment we’ll never forget!

Our trip to Vegas was a success.  We spent $3 at the casino and unfortunately lost it all. However, we came back from Vegas in style – both married and pregnant!

MYT Pregnancy: My Preggo Vegas Experience (22 weeks)
MYT Pregnancy: My Preggo Vegas Experience (22 weeks)

Sin City

Sin City

Oct09-1I just returned from a six day excursion to Las Vegas.  Vegas is an experience in itself and like no other place on Earth.  Unless you’re a big gambler, the casinos can get old pretty easily but there are plenty of shows and sightseeing to be seen.  I’d been before, but this time I left with different thoughts.

Scary thought: While watching the news, they talked about a elderly couple that had been shot.  The man killed his wife then tried to kill himself.  They said it would be a homicide/suicide case – the FIFTH in the month of September.  Not 5th for the year or the decade, 5th in a month. Not a good statistic. (NV also has the highest divorce rate in the nation.)  I guess the saying “you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them” is true!

Smart thought: The next news story dealt with the schools of Sin City.  The kids were complaining that their classrooms were too hot.  (It was 97 degrees when I was there all week)  The PR person for the district was interviewed and said they just didn’t have enough money to afford appropriate air conditioning for all of the schools.  What?  Right after watching the news I walked down The Strip and marveled at all of the lights.  I could only imagine the electricity bill for the city.  Shouldn’t some of these hotels help provide air for the kiddies?  I’m just saying.

Zzzz thought: Vegas can mess up your sleep pattern. Being three hours behind is bad enough.  Then you go out to the clubs until 3-4am.  Here in Louisville that’s fine because you can sleep a couple of hours and get up.  But, when your body automatically wakes up at 6-7am (which is 3-4am Vegas time) your body is trying to wake up when it should be going to sleep.  I had to cover every single bit of light in the room, cover my head with a pillow and turn away from the window just to attempt to sleep a little longer.

Stomach thought:  Food is plentiful.  There is a buffet, discounted or splurge meal around every corner (sometimes all in one hotel).  We went to a buffet that had eight different stations (Italian, Mexican, American, Chinese etc….)  Now I normally wouldn’t eat crawfish, burritos, jumbalaya slice of pizza and sushi all on one plate but each item called my name.  Although I could barely walk, I also had to make room for chocolate cake and eclairs along with some ice cream.  Wow, I’m full just thinking about it!

Vegas is a great getaway, but it definitely takes at least a day to recuperate when you return to Louisville – Possibility City.  I’m not sure who turned off the heat in Louisville, but could we possibly turn it back on?

M.Y.  October 2009