Change Is Good

Change is Good?

Oct10-3I think humans are huge creatures of habit.  We sit in the same pew at church every Sunday.  We drive the same way to work.  We order the same meals off the menus at our favorite restaurant.   It’s just who we are.

I’m definitely the same way.  I believe that some of my habits were passed down from the things my parents did.  They believed in volunteering, so I believe in volunteering.  They used TruGreen for their lawncare, so I used TruGreen.  They used State Farm insurance and National City Bank – so of course I followed along and did just the same.

I’ve had State Farm Insurance since I was old enough to drive. I just always assumed they gave me the best deal for my money. That was until I met another insurance company that wanted to give me a free quote. I figured a free quote never hurt anybody so I went through the process.  The prices they quoted me were actually a little lower than my current policies.

So I gave State Farm a call.  They asked me to come in for a review of my policies.  I told them the rates the other company quoted me and asked what they could do.  We looked at my car and house policies and found that there were some things that I did need.  I was happy that I saved some money and decided to stay with State Farm.

All was well in Yeagerland.  It was a hot day (we can all relate) and I walked outside across the street to my mailbox.  I felt like a State Farm groupie because I had five pieces of mail from them.   I thought it was a little excessive but was happy with what was inside three of them.  As I opened them, I was greeting with checks that were refunds to my policies.  It felt like Christmas in my bank account.

I learned that you never know what type of positive change can come your way unless you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone.  We have to be willing to see life from a different perspective.  Once we do, we’ll realize that either 1) it’s time for change or 2) life is fine just where we currently are.

M.Y. October 2010