Best Gift Ever

The Best Gifts Ever

Dec 10-3If you’ve read my columns the past couple of years, you will know how much I anticipated one day being able to start my own new holiday traditions similar to what I was able to do with my parents before they passed away.  While I greatly appreciated being able to eat at my friends houses, I longed for something to call my own.

And so this year some traditions began.  Three weeks ago Milton and I decided to decorate our own Christmas tree.  Gone were my monkey decorations (which I now refer to as the bachelorette tree).  We found ourselves walking up and down the aisles of Target to find ornaments and tinsel that matched our style.  We found a red “2010 Christmas” ornament and bought two stockings – each with the letter M on them.

It was great how we organized our little system of hanging up the ornaments.  While it was too cold to hang decorations outside on the bushes, we instead put electric candles in the windows.  I was amused when Milton came back downstairs with one candle.  He said, “I didn’t put this candle up because it’s in the same room as your wedding dress.  I know that room is off limits!”

All of the decorations were up and we were proud of ‘our first Christmas tree’.  We (well at least I) had worked up an appetite and were headed out the door.  Before I could put on my shoes, Milton says “Hold on, there’s one thing missing. “  He walks out to his car and I’m standing there clueless and to what he’s talking about.  He walks inside carrying a big red box and two smaller gray boxes.  I realize that they are my Christmas presents!  They have now been sitting under the tree for three weeks.  Although I have no clue what is in them, they are the best gifst ever!