No Dial Tone


  No Dial Tone

I’ve seen it before with some of my friends.  They run around looking like their head is cut off and never seem to have it quite all together.  Many of these friends of mine have kids (plural) and always seem a little bit frazzled.

Earlier this week Maximus and I went out to eat with some of my former colleagues.  He slept the entire time.  We went to the bank.  He slept the entire time.  We just had one more stop before going home and it was a quick stop to a small baby boutique.  For some reason, Maximus doesn’t always like the car and he starts crying – loudly – and won’t quit until you pick him up (which is impossible to do while driving).  In route to the store, the drama started. When we arrived, I took him out of the carrier and walked with him inside.  We made a purchase and headed home.  I could tell him was hungry, so as soon as we walked in our room, I pulled out the milk factory and all was good.

I looked for my cell phone and couldn’t find it.  I looked in the diaper bag (I can’t believe I now carry around a diaper bag!) and it wasn’t there.  I looked in the car – not there either.   So now I start to worry.  From my house phone (thank God for still having a land line) I call my cell phone.  It went straight to voicemail.  I tried two more times and had the same results.

Crap! Please don’t tell me I Iost my phone and someone else has already  started using it.   Although I knew the phone could be replaced, I hated that many of Maximus’ undownloaded newborn pics were saved on it.  I called the Baby store and they didn’t see a phone. I asked them to check the parking lot.  They saw nothing.  Oh me oh my! Had my iphone gone to phone heaven?

I decided to take fate in my own hands and drive back to the store (it was only five minutes away).  I looked at my parking spot, which now had another car parked. Underneath the car I could see my red phone case.  ALLELUIA!  I picked up the phone and although it wasn’t crushed, you could tell it was melting from the heat.  Luckily oh luckily it just needed a little TLC and air conditioning and worked just fine.

Lesson learned: Don’t give up hope too easily.  Even when you think all is lost, take that one extra step to give it your all.  Just because someone has taken your spot (like the other car did my parking spot) doesn’t mean that your opportunity is lost.  And the most important lesson learned – iphone cases are everlasting gifts from God!

Naked on I-64

“Naked on I-64″

My job requires me to go the Frankfort once a month.  When almost halfway there I felt in my purse and realized my phone wasn’t there.  I felt again. I touched my wallet, my Ipod, my business card holder, my digital camera – but no phone.  OH NO! I immediately felt naked! It was as if all the clothes on my body had been removed at once and the world was looking at my vulnerable body.  What was I going to do? I had traveled too far to turn around.

I was blessed (?) to have a cell phone provided by my work that does it all.  My Motorola Q has a phone, text messaging, internet and email all in one.  With just the punch of a button, the world is at my fingertips – except for today.  I felt as if I were removed from society.  What if missed that one important phone call?  What if I got stranded on the expressway?  Just what if?  I continued driving and finally accepted the fact that there was nothing I could do.  I realized how connected (literally) I had become to the phone and understood all of communications could be put on hold for several hours.  I thought this was a good experience for me after all.

I turned on to my exit about 20 minutes later and in the distance heard a faint noise.  I started to think I was temporarily going insane.  I heard it again.  It was the ringer on my phone.  Am I hallucinating?  There in the crease of the passenger seat sat my phone.  My life’s problems had been solved.  Although only inconvenienced for 20 short minutes, I realized how dependent I had come with my phone, which was pretty scary.

My phone and I have come to the decision that we will take some space from each other.  Nothing permanent, just enough time to create our own identities and find a way to co-exist in a healthy relationship!

M.Y. October 2007