What Was I Thinking?


Back in January my son had a difficult time at a daycare.  In fact he hated it.  He cried every day. During that time of stress, I came up with the brilliant idea of mentioning to MIlton that it would be great if his mother moved in with us.  SAY WHAT?!  He thought it was a great idea.  He called and asked her and after thinking about it for a couple of hours, she said yes. Once the school year was over, she’d move in.

  Move ahead several months to July. Maximus loves his new daycare and especially the daycare teacher, Ms. Melissa.  Life is good, and now his mom is ready to come. YIKES! What in the world was I thinking?  She is going to come here and not leave.  Ever.  Her address will be our address. WHAT?!! Something had to be in my Visalus shake that January morning I thought of the idea. We drove to Kokomo, IN to get his mother’s items and she made the trek to the Ville.  I  had a feeling this month was going to be the longest…….. month…. ever!!   And the exact opposite happened.  When my “crack-o-dawn” son wakes up at 5:30am every morning, he excitedly walks into Nana’s room (or bangs on her door) to hang out with her.  It makes her day to see his morning smile expressing utter delight to see her.  She went from rarely seeing him, to spending quality time everyday with him.  They take morning walks together and he is her pride and joy.   I cook the majority of the meals and when we’re done eating, she always volunteers to clean up so Milton and I can spend quality time together after dinner.  And, she is nice. And, she is funny. His mom and I hang out and we have a great time. WHO KNEW? Milton loves it because he feels he’s able to provide full circle.  It may not work for every family, but thus far (knock on wood) having three generations under one household has been a blessing!   ** Random: Maximus had his first haircut this week.  I’m pretty sure I was more nervous that he was.  I sat in the barber chair and he sat on me.  At first he was cool and all was good.  About 3/4 the way through, he realized what was happening and freaked out. My baby really looks like a toddler now. Thanks to LaRon at Cutting it Close Barbershop for the 1st Haircut certificate. Proud mom moment!

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