Meet Your Match

Meet Your Match

I noticed several different people posting on Facebook about a television show called Catfish.  I wasn’t sure what they were talking about, but caught it late one night on MTV.  The show morphed from a movie documentary of the same title.  In the movie, a guy meets a woman online. He falls in love with her.  After emails and phone conversations he eventually wants to meet her.  Once they do, he finds out the person is not the lady in the photo and it was all a lie.  The lady had her own share of issues, and while he had compassion for her, it was not a love connection made in heaven.

Each episode of the television show has a person that wants to have their initial face-to-face meeting with their online crush.  I’ve watched three of the episodes and in each episode the person ended up being a fraud.  Now, I know you’re thinking I’m going to next bash online dating as a way to begin a relationship.  Actually, I feel the very opposite.  Actually, I met my husband online on  He ‘winked’ at me.  I didn’t wink back.  I thought he was too young for me (seven years my junior) and I wasn’t interested in playing games.  It wasn’t until a couple of weeks later when I was bored online that I re-ran across his profile and said I had nothing to lose by replying.  One wedding and one baby later, the rest is history.

If you’re single, I encourage you to try online dating.  Why?  Because it’s actual a more indepth way to get to know someone. Think about it – if you’re in the club or grocery store and meet someone, you’re simply going off their looks.  You don’t really get to know too much about them but there’s usually an obligation to exchange numbers.  When you meet someone online, you’re able to read all about the person. You can email them as long as you want before you even exchange numbers.  You can google them before you have a first date. You can check out their FB page before your first kiss.  You determine the speed at which you move without any obligations for a date.

So, what was the difference between them (Catfish crew) and us (Milton and I)?   The real ones and the crazy/deranged?  Research. Here are my top ways to know the person on the other end might be fake:
He/she always calls you and won’t give you his/her phone number
He/she won’t give you a recent,updated photo
When you try to meet him/her, there is always an excuse
He/she has only a nickname, like “Thunda”
His/her profile photo is a model stock photo
He/she seems too good to be true

Once you find an online interest, google and Facebook him/her.  Both give a lot of information.  Don’t be gullible at the chance at love.  If he has six kids in every FB photo, don’t believe him when he says they are his nieces and nephews.  If she says she’s too busy because she’s always traveling, then why can she travel to see you?  If he says he loves you and wants to marry you AND you’ve never met…….. right!

Love can be the most wonderful thing in the world, but love can also lead us to the biggest heartache.  You have to open yourself up to love to experience it.  But, you don’t have to be a fool.  If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. There are plenty of men/women in the world that would love to make you their mate.  Take the time and effort to allow them to enter your life.  Love might be at your fingertips, just keystroke away!

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