Thunder Thanks

This past weekend Milton and I had planned a trip to DC.  He had arranged some tours and we were excited to go -especially Milton since he is a history genius.  Obviously the trip didn’t happen. Obviously I was laid up in a bed.  Although I get two wheelchair rides a day, I rarely take them because Milton comes to visit at night and I know he needs some time to unwind.

Thunder of Louisville was this weekend and since I’m “locked up” downtown, we decided to make watching the fireworks our wheelchair date for the day.  Now, if you’re not from Louisville, Thunder of Louisville is the largest fireworks show in the nation, and one of the largest in the world. Over a half million people come to Louisville just to watch it (google it, you’ll love it)

Milton and I take wheelchair rides to the top floor of the parking garage because it’s a great way to look out at the city. And this would be the location for our fireworks date.  Saturday comes around.  The fireworks were scheduled at 9:30pm.  We called the nurses for a wheelchair at 9:15pm.  We bundled up.  And I mean BUNDLED UP!  It was freezing outside.  I put on Milton’s sweatpants and one of his heavy coats.  We start walking/rolling to the garage and we pass a lady that has some soft drinks in her hand.  She asks if we are going to see the fireworks and she suggests we come join her “party”  on the parking garage.

I thinking it’s going to be a herd of people, but she and about six family members are all standing up there. As soon as we get out there, she brings me one of the heavy blankets they have and says “Here honey, we need to keep you warm.” I say no thank you.  But she insists and says “No,  honey, we gotta protect that baby.   Here let me tuck it in on the sides for you.” She offered Milton a chair and both of us soft drinks.

The fireworks started and unfortunately our viewing area was mostly blocked by a high rise apartment complex. We stayed for maybe five minutes and then I was ready to go back inside and watch it on television with the best front row warm view I could get.  Before we left, Milton returned the blanket to the lady and thanked her for being so hospitable.  She walked up to the both of us and said “You’re my Christian sister and I know everything will be fine.  I’ll be praying for you all.”

I asked her name, she said Kim. Kim was opposite of me in every way but you could tell the thing she cared about was my mine and Baby Turner’s well being.  Although our outside experience with the fireworks was very short, I’ll never forget the caring ways of Kim.  My mother passed away six years ago and Kim is the first person that has given that motherly touch since I’ve been in the hospital.  I truly appreciate her.

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