Newly Wed

Newly Wedhoneymoon

I feel like I just returned back from paradise!  Milton and I left Derby day to spend a week at the 5 Star All-Inclusive Iberostar Grand Bavaro Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  When I say luxury at its best, this was luxury supreme!

Right when we got out of our airport shuttle we were greeted with cold towels to wipe off our hands. As we walked into the lobby (before we checked in) a lady carrying a tray approached us and she asked if we wanted a glass of pina coladas or champagne.  Then, once we got to our room, within five minutes, six white chocolate covered strawberries were delivered.  Yum, wow, amazing – and we just arrived!!

Our personal butler came to the room, made dinner reservations for us, told us about our 24 hour room service which included both food and drinks and described all of the other amenities.  After he left, Milton and I just sat there speechless.

We woke up each morning to reserve a cabana and spent most of the rest of the day relaxing in the sun and eating/drinking whenever and whatever we wanted. And the food was oh so good.  There was always a breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet offered.  Lobster was a choice with every meal along with hundreds of other items.  We could also make reservations at the Japanese, Italian, Surf and Turf or French restaurants.  These places served four course meals and we were in heaven.  The alcohol was available while eating, at the beach, in the pool and in our room – Black Label Scotch, Bacardi Gold, champagne, Corona and Stella beers, fine wines and lots of tropical drink. We recorded daily videos throughout our trip in order to preserve our memories.

Throughout our trip, we continued to be offered random things.  One day when returning from a Michael Jackson impersonation show (that’s a whole ‘nother story), we returned to our room to have a drawn jacuzzi tub with rose petals.  Another day, there was a knock on the door and we were greeted with two Iberostar tshirts. And another day we were given an romantic dinner at the French restaurant which included roses spread out all over the table.

The only drama we had the entire trip was flying back (more about that next week).  We are both VERY DARK, I mean really dark!  I call Milton “dark child” and he calls me “dark chocolate”! Once we arrived back home in Louisville, Milton got out scissors to cut off our all-inclusive bracelets.  I cried my imaginary tears and screamed “no, say it aint so” as we realized we were back to reality, the real world and high gas prices.

CLICK HERE for honeymoon pics

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