Wedding Dress Drama

Wedding Dress Drama

Apr 11-3When you have less than six months to plan a wedding, everything must be done at a rapid pace.  The location, photographers, wedding cake – everything had to be locked into place pretty early on because most of them were already booked for an event.

When I first went wedding dress shopping, each location would tell me that I needed to order the dress ASAP to ensure I would receive it on time.  Time was definitely of the essence.  I drove to each bridal store in Louisville.  I found the dress I thought I wanted. On Election Day 2010, I also stopped by The Bridal Suite of Louisville.  They had a rack of dresses deeply discounted on sale for $100.  One of the sale dresses was the same dress I wanted at the other store – at a MUCH cheaper price.  I left the store to think about the purchase, but Milton said I needed to go back in and buy it.  It was a deal I couldn’t beat.

Fast forward to last week.   I had dropped my dress off to be fitted and the day had come to pick it back up.   I was excited to see it, but nervous to see if she (we’ll call her SH) could make the correct alterations.   I was also a little set off by the alterations lady because she asked to be paid in cash.   Because of that, I arrived with a chip on my shoulder.  As I arrived at her house, her husband was working in the garage.  He asked if SH was supposed to meet me.  I said yes.
SH wasn’t there.  She thought my 11:00am appointment was at 5:00pm.  She said she’d be there in 15 minutes.  So now the chip on my shoulders has become a boulder.  She lived in a different end of town and I’d driven 25 minutes to get there.  I start doubting SH and tell myself I should have worked with someone else.  She pulls into the  driveway 16 minutes later and we walk into her basement.  I put on my half smile and try on the dress.  My half smile turns into a beaming smile as I realize that she did a great job taking it in and tweaking it!

Any doubt, negative views or issues that I had with SH were overshadowed by her amazing work at a very reasonable price.  I left a happy bride-to-be.  Operation wedding countdown – 16 days!

April 2011

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