Magical Moments

Magical Moment

Mar 11-2You never know you’re making a difference until you see that you’re truly making a difference!  This past weekend I was invited to speak to a group of young ladies at an event called Magical Moments.  It was organized by Jessica Taylor and Regina Johnson.  They started the buzz about it several months ago with adults.  Everyone was asked to go through their closet and find formal dresses, shoes and accessories that they are no longer wearing.

Part II was finding enough volunteers to assist with the event.  Women signed up to help with registration, sort through the dresses, do makeup and hair and just serve as a voice of inspiration to the young ladies.

The third group of people was the most important – high school ladies were invited to come out FOR FREE – YES FREE and pick out their prom dress and matching accessories.  This is the second year Jessica has put on the event and she had no idea how the turnout would be.  Well, let me tell you – the high schoolers came out.  The looks on their face was simply prices.  In front of them were racks and racks of beautiful dresses. All different shapes, sizes and colors.   They looked like little kids in a candy shop trying to find the perfect one.  You could always tell when they found it because the girl’s face just lit up and beamed.   Some of the girls didn’t even want to take the dress off because they were so in love.

I was surprised when two ladies came up to me.  They participate in our Zumba class at First G.  From head to toe they looked fabulous!  I can’t wait to see their prom pictures and am excited to help get them in shape for their big day!  Over 200 dresses were donated and over 100 high school ladies came out.  The event has grown so much that they will probably need to move to another larger location.  The great thing about this event is that Jessica and Regina did it all on their own.  They didn’t work through a non-profit organization or a business, they did it by themselves because they wanted to make a difference.  Regardless of your status, simple gestures can make a huge effect!  Magical Moments….  Enough said!

M.Y. March 2011

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