Just The Right Spot

Just the Right Spot

Oct10-4Our first date was on Valentine’s Day.  It started out just relaxing at my place with both of us dressed in sweats.  Once the evening came, we changed clothes to get ready for our night.  I threw on a cute dress and some makeup and walked down to the basement to see if he was ready.  Milton’s face lit up, our eyes locked and we shared our first kiss.  The rest of the evening consisted of dinner and a Frankie Beverly and Maze concert.  It was a Valentine’s Day that I will never forget.

Spring forward a couple of months.  Milton calls at 1:30 in the morning.  I am already asleep.  I call him once I wake up and asked what is wrong.  He says he needs to tell me something, but that he prefers to email it.  I get nervous and think about all the negative things that he could tell me.  As I opened the email, here is what I read, “I love you! I love you so much! I knew this since the first moment you stepped downstairs into your basement and we met eyes and kissed. I haven’t felt something so right before since I had shoes that fit. I have bottled my feelings up out of fear that I was moving too fast but now I’m going to let my heart take over for my fear.  I need you! I knew this since our first conversation and you made me feel not only wanted, appreciated, and loved, but you make me feel like a king that you want to shine. I told you from the beginning that I could not promise the world overnight, and it may be scary that we both don’t know how the next few months or years of our lives might play out, but I know that the world is a lot less scarier place with you in it. The Lord never promised that life would be easy, in fact he promised that the road to glory would be hard; however, he always promised to be by our side in good and bad.  I want to build a love with you that is unconditional and is strong no matter the weather”

And that was the beginning of our relationship.  Milton helped comfort me through my low points (like not becoming a professional fitness competitor) and I tried to be equally supportive in his life (like studying for the Bar).  I started working in the fitness industry and continue to build OnyxLouisville.  He passed the Bar, was sworn in as a lawyer and already has a job.  It seemed like regardless of what was happening in each of our lives, being there for each other was the overall constant that never disappeared.

Friday, October 22, 2010 was a regular day for me.  Milton drove to Louisville and we went to the Bill Bellamy show at the Improv.  We came back to my house and I took some of my clothes upstairs. As I walked back to the first floor, Milton was nowhere to be found.  I called his name and he asked me to come in the basement.  As I arrived on the bottom step, Milton stood in the same spot we had our first kiss.  As he got on one knee, he talked about the difference I have made in his life and the future he wants us to have together. He asked me to marry him – OF COURSE I said yes…….

M.Y. October 2010

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