Old School Tech

Old School Tech

Jul09-5My Ipod Classic passed away recently and went to Ipod heaven.  I noticed the warning signs and rushed him to the Apple Store (hospital) in Oxmoor.  But by the time we arrived, it was too late.  He was gone and there was nothing that could be done.

I figured eventually I would purchase a new one, no big deal.  That is – until I had a meeting in Lexington.  One of the joys of driving is listening to your favorite music.  The ipod was great for playing all the jams.  I now had to find a substitute.  I first thought of taking some CDs.  But when I walked to get some, I found something even better!  CASSETTE TAPES!

Now, these weren’t the ones you bought in the store.  Nope.  These were the homemade tapes you made yourself.  I grabbed about 10 of them and ran to the car with excitement.  There was no telling what I was about to hear.  I heard a little bit of everything – me winning tickets on B96.5, an ex-boyfriend singing me a song, me signing songs, remixes I tried to make for my cheerleading dances, a slow jams tape…  It was pure comedy!

The most difficult thing about it, though, was just the basic operation of the tape player.  Although I was driving in a Lexus, a tape player is still a tape player.  If I wanted to skip to the next song, I pressed fast forward, counted to 10 and hoped I was on the next song.  Ah man, I went too far.  So, I’d press rewind, count to 3 and hit play again.  It was all about patience and timing.  Although frustrating at times, relieving the high school and college days made it all worth it.

So the next time you need a quick smile brought to your face, dust off those old cassette tapes.  You never know what you’ll discover!

M.Y.  July 2009

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