Pan-tee Dropper

Pan-tee Dropper

Jul09-3You know I have always heard people use the above phrase, but never really knew what people were talking about.  It wasn’t until this week that I could see the significance of the term.

On Monday, Maxwell stormed into the Louisville Palace for a breath taking performance.   Now I’ll be one of the first to admit that I have never been a Maxwell lover.  I would classify it more as a Maxwell liker.  I’ve enjoyed some of his songs, but the thought of him has never made me shriek nor shiver.

The concert started late and then it took forever for intermission.  The crowd seemed to start falling asleep (it was a Monday night after all).  But as soon as Maxwell hit the stage, grown women starting screaming like their teenage children.  The entire crowd was on their feet.  Maxwell showed us that his hips still know how to groove and that his smile can still make you faint.  If you came for a show, you received your money’s worth.

Maxwell let you know that he was there for you.  It didn’t matter if you had been laid off, recently dumped or hated looking at yourself in the mirror.  Maxwell made you feel as if it was your personal concert.  He made you feel sexy.  He took your mind off everything else.   Maxwell, plainly and simply, was a panty dropper.  He could have asked for anything he wanted and easily received it.

The women in the audience weren’t the only ones who benefitted from the performance.  Several couples sat in front of me.  It was interesting to watch the men.  As the women stood up and swayed to the smooth grooves, the men also sat there with a smile on their face.  Not only did they enjoy watching their women move, but they knew their women were now in the mood and Maxwell was just the appetizer to the full course waiting at home.

Louisville has some wonderful artists coming to the area.  Treat yourself to one of the performances.  You deserve it!

M.Y. July 2009

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