His Music Lives Forever

 His Music Lives Forever

Jul09-1 It was a sad day last week to hear about Michael Jackson’s death.  Michael was an icon to anyone that is over the age of 30.  Even to the younger generation, he had an impact that reflects our music and dances today.  Everyone has their favorite song, their favorite video or their favorite dance.  Although not everyone will admit it, I even think each of us had performed a part of the Thriller dance whether behind closed doors, in the bathroom or drunk at a party.

The more I thought about Michael Jackson, the more I realized that he dedicated his entire life to others.  He is the ONLY person I can think of that started performing as a young child, became a superstar, then moved on through adulthood to be internationally known.  Even at the age of 50, Michael Jackson was seen in headlines worldwide.

Think about it – Michael has been compared to the fame of Elvis, Madonna, The Beatles and Frank Sinatra.  None of those mentioned became famous as child stars and then maintained that status through adulthood.  Not one.  All of them were pretty normal kids and teenagers that could run, play hide and go seek and attend school like the rest of us.  It wasn’t until they were older that anyone thought twice about their name.

Michael Jackson was an icon above the rest.  Starting at a young age, with his brothers on stage, he drew everyone to their tv screens and radios.  Michael didn’t have a childhood, his childhood was music.  When other child performers seem to drop out of the picture and have normal lives, Michael did the opposite.  He went solo and created the best selling album of all time.  He created the most memorable video ever.  Even with the changes of technology, nothing has come close to topping the Thriller video.

Michael Jackson was pure genius.  He has left a mark on our hearts and in our lives that will remain forever.  In January we made history with Obama.  Last week we lost history with MJ.  RIP

M.Y.  July 2009

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