No What?!

No What?!

June-09-4A week in Mexico – how exciting!  My bathing suits were picked out.  The sundresses were ready for the beach.  I just needed to check out some last minute things and I was on my way… and that’s when it started happening.

It first started with a phone call to AT&T.  I called to see what my Iphone service would be in Mexico.  I was told that any voicemail call that came in while there, even if I didn’t answer it, would be charged 60 cents.  Using the internet was even worse and more costly.  A simple internet search could run a hundred dollars.  In other words, unless there was an emergency, I was best to just keep my phone OFF. But for an entire week? I didn’t think that was feasibly or reasonable possible!
The best backup to a phone is the internet, right!?  There was an internet cafe, but it cost $18/hour.   Some of the buildings were said to have internet capabilities but we didn’t know where our room would be.  So, I took my computer just in case.

I was actually pretty worried about being without both my cell phone and the internet from an entire week.  I felt as if I’d be missing something and would be far removed from the rest of the world.  I feared that I might go temporarily insane.

The first day passed with my phone or internet.  I lived.  The second day passed.  I was still breathing.  Day 3 and 4 passed.  I was calm and more relaxed than ever.  I realized that as dependent as I am on that technology on a regular basis, being away from it for a week was a cleansing feeling.  I was able to concentrate on myself, my surroundings and the person I love.  I could thoroughly enjoy the beach, the sand, the ocean and all of Mexico.

Toward the end of day 4 I found an internet connection.  Hundreds of unread emails flooded my inboxes.  I deleted the non-essential ones, responded to less than five and then quickly turned off the computer.  And, not once did I use my cell phone.  I had been a prisoner of technology and realized life on the other side isn’t all that bad.

I am now back in the real world responding to my reality.  I have been reunited with my Iphone and all its guilty pleasures.  And, while I do know that technology will continue to be a part of my daily life, I can also further appreciate taking time to set them aside to concentrate and embrace my surroundings and the important things in life.

M.Y.  June 2009

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