What’s Up with the Emmy’s

  “What’s Up With the Emmy’s?”

Septe08-4I watched the Emmy’s on Sunday night.  I always enjoy seeing the flowing dresses of the women and waiting to see if my favorite actor/actress will win.  However, while watching this year I became a little perplexed.  Let me break it down.

The Emmy’s honor the best actors on television.  Right?  The awards are given out by some of the best actors in the business.  Right?  So why do award shows always seem so unrehearsed and scattered?  The actors are on stage struggling to read the teleprompter.  Dude, why are you even reading a teleprompter – shouldn’t you just have it memorized?  The presenters know in advanced what they’ll be doing – so what’s the problem?  I just don’t know.  You’d think for a live performance there’d be a little more talent in the presentation, but I guess not.

And then we have the speeches.  Many speeches look like they are written on a napkin in their limo in route to the show (if they had a speech at all).  Some get on the stage awe-struck as if they are not used to performing in front of an audience.  YOU’RE AN ACTOR!!!  That’s the entire reason you received the award.

After pondering this during a commercial break, I believe I know why all this happens.  These folks are actors.  They get paid (a whole heck of a lot of dinero) to play the roles of different characters.  However, when asked to act genuine, they struggle.  While presenting an award, they try to play themselves without trying to play themselves.  Once they win an award and take the stage to give their speech, once again their vulnerability is on the line.

I think many of us do the same thing.  It can be very easy to send our “representative” out in public.  You can say the things you want to say and present yourself in a way that has others salivating at the simple thought of you.  You can perceive yourself to live a life of luxury, yet be up to your nostrils in debt.  You can show up at every party, yet go home to cry yourself to sleep because you are in so much pain yet fearful to see the doctor.  You can brag about the number of women you’ve dated, yet deep down know your preference is men.  You can brag about your wonderful marriage, yet haven’t slept next to your husband in several months.

But, luckily, eventually truth reveals itself and it’s such a refreshing moment.  You never know when that moment can happen to any of us.  Hopefully when it does happen, each of us will be there to embrace that friend, family member or loved one.  The truth shall set us all free!

M.Y.  September 2008

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