Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs

Sept08-3As I left church on Sunday morning, there was a strong wind in the air.  Usually with the wind, comes the rain.  We all rapidly ran to our cars to avoid the sudden outburst of water.  As I sat in my driver’s seat I was almost certain I had just missed the storm.  But it never happened.  I tried to go see Tyler Perry’s new movie about a hour later.  Five minutes into the movie the power flickered, then movie came back on – but without sound.  We received a free movie voucher and left.

While driving home Sunday afternoon I noticed the damage already that existed on the streets.  Winds up to 85 mph swept through our city.  I sat in my living room looking through the windows watching the trees sway every which way.  At one point the door shuttered and I felt like one of the three little pigs.  The wolf (wind) was trying to blow my house down, but the brick surrounding my walls said not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.

All of this was caused by a wind storm! A WINDSTORM?  Whoever heard of that?  Was there even a way to prepare if we would have been forewarned?  I was one of the few fortunate people not to lose power.  I assumed it was my entire neighborhood but found out later the first part of my street was powerless.  My job, however, was without power which meant two days off work. I reconnected with an old friend and had a fun slumber party.  My heart ached for some of my friends, especially those with children.  Not only were their children stuck at home all day, they had no televisions to watch, computers to surf nor ways to charge their cell phones – talk about forced family bonding!  Folks that went to the grocery last weekend were forced to throw out desired food.  A candlelight dinner is romantic, but not when you’re eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and twinkies.    Slowly but surely our city will be back to normal.  Kids will once again get to attend school.  Stoplights will once again function as stoplights.  People will still flock to watch their favorite show.  Your husband can once again heat up chicken nuggets to serve the kids dinner. Sometimes it takes a natural disaster for us to appreciate the things we have.  Sometimes it takes a natural disaster to open our arms to others.  Sometimes it takes a natural disaster to love the people around us.
M.Y.  September 2008

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