Hair Theory/ Get Out and Vote

Hair Theory/Get Out & Vote

May08-2Topic 1: I have a theory about women and hair.  I honestly believe that a woman’s hair is  pre-determined to be a certain length.  Have you ever noticed that there are some women with short hair and no matter how hard they try to grow their hair out, it never grows long enough to put in a ponytail?

Then we have some women that have ‘long flowing locks’.  They are always complimented about their hair and sometimes asked if their real hair is a weave.  Sometimes these women will cut their hair short, but it seems like only several months later their hair is back to flowing and glowing. They walk out of the salon with their new cut, and by the time they walk to their car it’s already grown out an inch!

My hair (I believe) was pre-determined to be a couple of inches past my shoulders.  I used to want it to grow to ‘bra-strap’ length.  Through the wonders of added on hair, I was able to enjoy that for a couple of weeks during Christmas, but quickly realized it was overrated.  I’m now thinking in a different direction – I WANT TO CUT MY HAIR! (chop)

The thought has stayed in my mind for several weeks and every time I see a person with short hair I admire their ‘do (chop, chop).  With figure training, my life has become so much more active and I’m ready for change.  Some of my friends and co-workers say “Don’t do it!”.  But, hey, it’s just hair!  And if my theory is right, my hair will be right back to my shoulders in a year or so. Be on the lookout for shortened locks of love before my 32nd birthday at the end of the month (chop, chop, chop)!  And – iIf my theory is wrong – um, yeah, I didn’t think that far!

Topic 2:  The presidential election could have ended months ago, weeks ago or even days ago.  But it hasn’t. I was selfish and hoped the Obama/Clinton hype would come to KY so I too could take part and my vote would count. We are at a time where we could have our first African American or woman president.  This is monumental!  This could be one of those moments that in 30 years you sit back and reflect on with your grandchildren.  Don’t just sit back and not make your voice heard.  TUESDAY, MAY 20 – if you value your freedom, your rights and your voice – you’ll vote for the person that represents your values best!!


M.Y.  May 2008

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