1. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  You are a truly a blessing with all of your kind words from my competition.  To have complete strangers stop me on the street and say ‘wonderful job’ gives me a great sense of pride for the Louisville community.  You’ve inspired me to keep up what I’m doing (although at a slower pace) and it was wonderful to hear that others are now setting their own personal goals.

2. Two words – TAR HEELS (men and women)!!!  Big props, though, to Angel McCoughtry of the Lady Cards – she is one talented athlete!

3. Do you remember those Mexican pizzas they used to serve in elementary school?  They were in the shape of an octagon and usually on served on Fridays?

4. Is your foot the same length as your forearm between your elbow and the bottom of your palm? Mine is!

5.  Ramon Ponder is not my boyfriend.  Since I’m always the one behind the camera taking pictures of people at parties, he graciously poses with me at every party so I too can be in a group shot.  Boyfriend – no;  good friend – yes!
6. If psychics are really psychic, why do they ask you your name and birthdate? Shouldn’t they already know that?

7.The average person strives to eat 1000-1500 calories a day.  These McDonald foods have the following calories: Big Mac 540, five Chicken Breast Strips 670, Deluxe Breakfast 1070, Triple Chocolate Shake 1160!

8. Did you notice there is no 14th Street off Broadway?  Why is the Extreme Skate Park Open 24 hour a day but no basketball courts are?

9. Why do some many white cars have chipped paint?

10. LOL – is that “laugh out loud’ or “lots of love”.  If you tell someone you love him/her and he/she says LOL, it’s important to know which one it is!

*this column is a result of being carb deprived while doing cardio at 6 in the morning*

M.Y. April 2008

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