And Baby Makes 3 (or 4)

“And Baby Makes 3 (or 4)”

Jan08-2Two of my friends are pregnant – very pregnant!   It’s been an amazing journey to watch them over the past seven months. One is married to her high school sweetheart and they are expecting their first child.  I was blessed to be able to travel with her to Richmond, VA where she showed her family (literally) that she was expecting.  They were overjoyed at the news, yet amazed that she was able to keep in a secret from them for so long.  I’ve watched her develop a craving for oranges and a little waddle, but not skip a beat!  I’ve seen her frustrations with maternity clothes and the excitement at the Carolina outfit her son will wear home.  I asked her about being pregnant and she said, “You feel sick. You feel good.  You feel tired.  You feel kicking.  You feel love!”

My other friend is married to her college sweetheart.  They are expecting their second son.  Although both friends are close in due dates, they’ve had completely different experiences.  This friend has unfortunately had to live the past several weeks in the hospital on bed rest. Christmas, New Years Eve and all the holiday celebrations were spent gazing at white walls and eating hospital food.  She’s taken this time to research the horoscope of the baby. He will be one of two signs.  When I asked her about pregnancy, she simply said “It sucks!”  I asked if there was anything positive, she said “No, it sucks”.  I looked at her husband to ask his two cents, he said, “Yeah, she’s right.”

So is there really nothing positive about being ‘knocked up’?  Although she said pregnancy sucked, I was able to see the light at the end of her tunnel.  Sitting next to pregnant friend #2 was her three-year-old son.  I watched her look at him lovingly as he munched on his dinner.  Even when she hears his voice on her phone, she’s overcome with pride and joy.  So while they may feel unsexy and like everyone is looking at their body, I see their motherly glow.  Although they want to cry, want to sleep and want to eat everything in sight – I know that two magnificent young men will be born into our world this Spring!!

M.Y.  January 2008

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