Personal Getaway

‘Personal Getaway’

Everyone should take a personal vacation….. by yourself!  I went to Scottsdale, AZ for a conference but arrived a day early to enjoy some ‘me time’.  The resort we stayed at was breathtaking.  I planned out my day doing things that I enjoy and find relaxing.  The day started with a three mile run (well maybe more of a run/walk) around the area.  I was able to enjoy the beautiful architecture and landscaping in the area.  Once I returned, I went to their gym and ‘pumped, pumped, pumped it up’. From there I changed clothes, threw on my bathing suit and headed toward the pool.  They had regular swimming pools, but they also had a lazy river.  This river floated around a path and people would float on an innertube around the entire area.  I reflected as I mozied around and enjoyed the sense of calmness that was around me.  By now it was only lunchtime so I ate a quick bite and took a short nap. At 3:00pm I arrived at the spa for a Rollerssage body massage that combines the elements of massage, heat and energy creating a balanced feeling of body, mind and spirit.  That was followed with a Smoothing Marine Body Masque.  I felt like a burrito – lathered with a masque and wrapped from shoulders to toes in foil.  Once it was washed off and the moisturizer applied my body was thanking me for existing.   My day ended walking a block to the outdoor shopping center.  Once I finished it was only 7:00pm AZ time (10pm our time) and I was exhausted.  I could barely stay awake to even find something to eat for dinner.  I ended the day with a new sense of being.  I was able to let go of some bad vibes around me.   I thought more about what I want to do in life and felt at peace.  If you have the time/funds to take a day for yourself…………. I say GO FOR IT!!!!


June 2007

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