Skate or Socialize

“Skate or Socialize”

Please support our fundraiser for the KY Center for African American Heritage.  Even if you don’t skate, please stop by and come out so we can show the city our dedication to building the center.  (We can’t expect others to support the cause if we aren’t willing to make a stand ourselves!)

Click here to read the CJ article on the amount of funding still needed and the loan the center did not receive.

Click here to read “The Buzz” write-up on the event (thanks Angie Fenton)…Also listen to Magic101.3 Thursday at 11:45am (thanks JC White and Valerie Sickels) and watch WHAS (Ch. 4) News at Noon on Friday (thanks Renee Murphy) for information on the event!!!

I started thinking about how I learned about “our history”.  It definitely wasn’t from the history books.  I remember falling in love with the “Eyes On the Prize” video series and hearing stories of ‘the way it was’ from my relatives.  Their fights, struggles, beliefs and passions provide me tremendous freedom today.  BUT WHAT DO WE HAVE TODAY?  Are today’s youth really informed about our current contributions to society? Have they learned about Ed Hamilton, the incredibly talented sculptor from Louisville?  Do they know the contributions of Senator Georgia Powers?  Are they aware of the singers and actors that were born and raised here?  How will we enrich our future youth?

The KCAAH is more than just the past.  It will represent the present and our future.  Who knows what contributions each of us still has to make to our society as well!  Please join me this Friday at Treo Roller Rink.  Forward the information to your friends and colleagues!  Take some time to come and learn about the Center.   See how you can purchase a brick that will be permanently displayed at the KCAAH.  Come out and mix and mingle with others and meet some of the promoters in the area.  We know from our past that our numbers speak volumes.  I’ll be there from 6:00pm-1:30am.  Whether you skate, play cards or just relax – your presence will be appreciated.  Whether you stay for 10 minutes or 5 hours – your time will be valued.  Whether you donate $5 or $500 dollars – every dollar counts.

M.Y. June 2007

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