Life is sometimes about not taking yourself so seriously.  Some of my friends and I went out in Nashville, TN recently and thought it would be fun to wear wigs while we were down there.  Here’s a photo of mine with my ’flowing locks’!!

Signs that he/she is NOT “the one”:**

1. He/she sings and knows all of the dance moves from the latest B2K album.

2.  He/she invites you over for a homemade dinner which consists of Hot Pockets, fruit cups and oatmeal cream pies.

3. You all go to a concert at the Palace.  You’re dressed to the nine, and he/she shows up at the door looking like he/she just finished mowing the lawn.

4.  You ask him/her what church he/she goes to.  He/she says “I don’t have time to go to church.  I close down the clubs at 4am, stay posted up in the parking lot until 6am and sleep until noon.”

5. He/she invites you out to eat at an expensive restaurant. He/she orders drinks, appetizers, the meal and desserts. When the check comes, he/she looks at the bill, reaches for his/her wallet and says “Oh snap! I forgot my wallet. Will you pay?”… and after the date he/she never returns your calls.

6. He/she drives a new BMW but lives in a studio apartment with an air mattress, cardboard table, lawn chairs and a plastic plant.

**For entertainment purposes only!  No animals were harmed while compiling this (although some egos may have been bruised).  The majority of these are purely fictitious… but not all!!!!


M.Y.  April 2007

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