We Remember

Me- age 33

We Remember

Every four years the Olympics come around and moments are created that will never be forgotten.  This week I was glued to the tube as I watched women’s gymnastics.  I cried as I watched Jordyn Wieber not qualify for the All-Around.  It has to be hard to be disappointed in yourself while trying to celebrate for your best friend.

Then I cried again as the Fab Gymnastics Five won the the GOLD for the team All-Around.  Although I knew the results, I still cried like a baby as I watched these young girls achieve their goals and accomplish their dreams.  I became the number one fan of Gabby Douglas.  The more I watched her, the more I had flashbacks of my youth and growing up a gymnast.  I started competing at the age of six and a short time later could do a flip without thought.

I posted the following comment on Facebook “Gabby reminds me of a younger me… only at 16 I was flipping down the basketball court and chasin’ boys! I LOVE TEAM USA!!!” What was interesting was that friends from my youth said comments like,

– And i will always have a visual of you on a spring floor – FLYING…. higher then i ever had the balls to try!

– I’m picturing u flipping across the gym floor..miss that!!

– I pictured her flipping across a football field..LOL

You were amazing!

I realized that to other people, I represented Gabby Douglas.  I was the “little African-American female” that could tumble her booty off.  I was that innocent person that loved to smile.  And while my skills were nowhere near that of an Olympian, to many people my talent was close enough.

This made me realize that you really can leave a lasting impression on people.  My ability to tumble the length of a basketball court was something people actually paid attention to.  It felt good to reflect on my gymnastics past. But it felt even better to share and reflect upon those memories with others who where there when it all happened. Think about a friend from your past that you haven’t communicated with in awhile.  Give him/her a call. You’ll be surprised at how much your day will be enlightened just by being able to reflect on the “good ole days”!

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