Timing is Everything


 Timing IS Everything

Father’s Day (6/17) – Milton and I go out to eat for the first time since bed rest and I notice my car has hail damage.

Monday (6/18) – I call State Farm and set up an appointment for the hail assessment.

Friday – I go to the easy process and receive a check for my hail damage.

Tuesday (6/26) – Maximus and I go to the my preferred Repair Shop and they say it’ll be close to the end of August before they can get to my car. I say “No problem, my car still drives so it’s no big deal.” They say I have a great attitude and everyone is not that positive.

Wednesday (very next day) – They call back and say one of their repairs were canceled, they went through the 50 jobs waiting to be done and mine seemed like the easiest to do (talk about timing!).  They asked if I could come in the next day.  (Uh – YEAH)

Thursday – I drop my car off there and Enterprise picks me up to get a rental car since they say it could take a week.  I end up with a Camry.  I absolutely LOVE the Camry, the way it rides and space for baby.

Friday (6/29)- Repair Shop calls back saying my car finished (say what?!).  I pick up my BMW.    Milton now as a renewed interested in getting a new car for him (we’ve been looking into it for five months).

Saturday (6/30) – We drive to to Sam Swope and work with Lamont Chandler and Shawn Garner. We were told Sunday was going to be considered end of month so it was a great time make a deal before the weekend was over.

Saturday night – While looking online to determine which car to get, Milton happens upon a great end of month deal (a really great deal) at a dealership out of town.

Sunday – We call to see if Sam Swope can match the price.  They say yes. We leave with a cool Camry.  I shed a fake tear. We traded in my “dream” car that I’d had since 2006 so that Milton could have his “dream” family car to drive to Fort Knox.  Everything seemed to fall into place so I knew it was the right thing to do. DRIVE ON!

Lesson: Some time you have to survive the damage to the storm in order to reap the benefits and see the beautiful rainbow.

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