Pasta Please, PLEASE! (8 weeks/4 days)

Pasta Please, PLEASE!
I love me some Macaroni Grill!  Even if I have nobody to eat it with, I call it in for carryout, take it home and am one with my merry self!  It was a typical Saturday afternoon and Macaroni Grill kept whispering “eat me” in my ear.  At 12:15pm (the times will be important to note), I called Macaroni Grill to place a carryout order.  A guy answered the phone and took my “Create Your Own Pasta” order.  He said it would be 15-20 minutes and I my stomach and I were excited!

I pulled up to Curbside Service at 12:37pm.  Usually someone inside sees your car and immediately comes out to help.  I waited.  Nobody.  I waited some more.  Nobody. After five minutes of waiting, I called Macaroni Grill.  A lady answers the phone and I tell her I’ve been sitting outside in my car and nobody has seemed to notice.  She puts me on hold.  While I’m still on hold listening to the elevator music she walks outside and says “I’m sorry, we got backed up in the kitchen and it’s going to be another 15 minutes.”  My response “So what you’re really telling me is that you haven’t processed my order yet!”  She hesitates and I say “I hope you’re not expecting me to pay full price for this service.”  She gives me a absent minded look and says she’ll look into the situation.

I wait into my car another 13 minutes and close to 1:00pm a guy comes out with my order.  He once again states that they were behind in the kitchen and tries to take $5 off my meal.  I ask him to look at the parking lot and notice how empty it is.  I remind him that I called in my order at 12:15pm, pulled up 22 minutes later, had to call THEM for service, and then they realized my order wasn’t placed and I had to wait about 15 minutes more for my food.  (you should never mess with a woman when she’s hungry!) I asked him if he was the manager – his response was “Um…… well I’m the manager, today’s my first day in training..”  I stated I needed to talk with a “real manager” because this is not the quality Macaroni Grill service I’m used to. He walks inside, walks back out, apologizes and says my meal is free.

I drive home, still hungry, more than far ready to eat my pasta.  Even though I got home an hour later, the pasta was oh so good!  Although I expect quality service, I will return there to eat again.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  Next time please just don’t do it with my noodles!

November 2011

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