4 Weeks

Okay, so I guess however they calculate it, I’m 4 weeks pregnant.  Have I been nauseated every day?  Yes!  Have I made a trip to the bathroom?  Luckily not yet!  Is my stomach starting to poke out some?  I believe so!

The main thing I’m trying to do now is rest as much as possible.  So far I’m still teaching my regularly scheduled Zumba and fitness classes although I cringe when someone calls wanting me to teach theirs.  I can’t tell them that I’m pregnant so I just cuss them out under my breath.  I have yet to have any serious cravings, although I do enjoy the Pumpkin Blizzard at Dairy Queen and also the burritos close to the deli section at the Neighborhood Walmart.  While my breasts aren’t any larger, my nipples look like two oversized microwaved marshmallows!

I pray that God gives us a healthy baby. Although I’d prefer a girl, I’ll love baby Turner regardless. One fear of mine is that baby Turner will be baby Turners plural.  Twins run in Milton’s family so I’m hoping baby he and baby she combined aren’t the reason my belly is starting to poke out.

But I’m going to keep keeping on!  I can’t believe have four more days until I can tell Milton in person.  I can’t believe I have 8 more weeks until we can tell anyone else!

October 17

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