Where Oh Where Is My Hair?

Where, Oh Where is My Hair?!
Breaking news, breaking news, breaking news! I have cut my hair!  It’s all gone. Goodbye. So long. Farewell. Peace out.  In the garbage to a far away place it has gone!

Well i guess this really isn’t breaking news since I cut my hair almost three weeks ago. But, it is a pretty significant event.  I do not believe that my hair has been this short since the day I prematurely popped out of my mother’s womb 35 years ago.

When I sat in the chair to “chop”, I wasn’t nervous. As the scissors were cutting I still wasn’t nervous.  All I hoped what that I would like it.  I remember the first time I looked up and realized all of the relaxer had been cut away.  My thought was “I don’t like it yet.” But I sat there and let the process continue.

I left the salon with a two strand twist as as I walked out the door I still wasn’t sold on my new look. I went to Go Natural and bought some hair supplies but then has to rush home to prepare for an out of town trip.  It was not until I walked up stairs, into the the bathroom with my mirror that I truly embraced and loved my new natural hairstyle.  It was equally exciting to send my husband a text message and have him ‘turned on’ by the new look.

It definitely feels good to be able run my hair under the water when I take a shower, but I’m still learning what to do with it.  Although it’s not long, I have A LOT of hair all over my head.  I had a hair date with Cherilyn where she gave me some advice as I go on my product trials and I’ve found an obsession with finger twisting these various strands all over my head on an hourly basis.

Unfortunately I learned that you can’t have a bad hair day.  I needed to pick up my car and their shuttle was supposed to call me when they left the store. Well, they didn’t call until they were on my street (I was still laying in bed).  I popped up and went to grab a hat to put on my head but then realized my head and hair are now to big to put on a baseball cap. Crap!!!  I threw some water on my hair and a headband and knew that was the best I could do.

I will say that Louisville has some very friendly natural hair ladies.  Each woman I have encountered has always been so open and knowledgeable.  I do still hope to grow my hair back out like Chaka Kahn or Diana Ross, but I like the fierce look I have now and rockin’ the hair God gave me!

September 2011

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