Arizona’s Tragedy Tragedy

Arizona’s Tragedy Tragedy

Jan 11-2There was a senseless shooting this past weekend in AZ involving Representative Gabrielle Giffords.  A number of people died and many others were injured.  Since the incident, many political mediums have been pointing their fingers and blaming the ‘other side’ for causing the massacre.  It’s getting out of control and it goes against everything that Gabby Giffords represents.

The night before she was shot (yes, the night before), she emailed Trey Grayson the following:  “After you get settled, I would love to talk about what we can do to promote centrism and moderation. I am one of only 12 Dems left in a GOP district (the only woman) and think that we need to figure out how to tone our rhetoric and partisanship down.”  The way politicians and commentators are acting today goes against everything that she represents and is fighting for.  People need to stop playing the “he said, he said, he did, she did game”.  We all need to watch what we say and how it could be perceived.  There’s one person that caused this incident – plain and simple.

A certain female politician from Alaska may have created a poster with targets on it, however, the accused shooter wrote “Die B!*tch” on a 2007 letter from Giffords.  2007!!!  Sarah Palin was just a regular Jane back then.  If you’ve seen the guy’s mug shot, you can tell that something just doesn’t seem right.

Instead of pointing fingers or planning to boycott the funeral of the innocent – we need to mourn the victims.  Pray for the family of the 9 year old girl (who was born on 9/11/01) that had just been elected to the Student Council.  Pray for the girl’s neighbor that took her to the event and now is haunted by the fact that she lived but the girl didn’t.  Send extra prayers for Senator Giffords who is fighting for not only life but also a normal functioning life.  Even pray for the family of the shooter who is going through so many emotions that they haven’t been able to leave their house.

I have a feeling when Representative Giffords is able to talk, she’ll make a statement about how she’s disappointed in how this situation has brought various groups further apart.  Her mission was to bring us together- her shooting is a prime example of why it needs to happen NOW!!

M.Y.  January 2011

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